What if...

What if everyone in your company, from your CEO to front line sales and support staff had a machine, that sends alerts to help rescue customers that are about to leave you?

This same machine could also detect which clients will buy more from you. The good news: This machine exists and is called Customer Experience Management (CX).

Jan Schmidt-Wussow

Welcome to j/s/w Consulting

This page is just our English "business card". You can find our informative main site here (in German).
With extensive experience in sales and marketing and deep understanding of how to implement and embed Customer Experience Tools into your organisation, we are well placed to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from it.

Jan Schmidt-Wussow, Owner j/s/w Consulting, @ LinkedIn


Independence, speed in decision-making processes and the commitment to corporate responsibility are "inclusive".

Cost-effective and efficient

With us you already know before the start what the implementation of your CX project will cost you. Complete transparency. Advice without (negative) surprises.

Extensive experience

We know what we're talking about. And we know what we do. Result: Your project runs like clockwork. Trust our many years of CX experience, because experience always pays off.


With us the customer comes always first. We take into account your individual situation on site and do what it takes to keep you on track.


Our Business Model

We help you develop, plan and implement strategies for successful customer experience management. On request, we can take on the role of project manager, establish "best practices" and enable your employees to carry out further implementation and analysis. We generally use two proven tools: 

Net Promoter System

Customer Effort Score


Our IT-Partner

For the automation of the CX surveys (e-mail delivery, data collection, different analysis modules in real-time web-frontend, etc.) it is advisable to have a specialist at your side. For many years we have successfully partnered up with Amsterdam based CustomerGauge for numerous NPS projects of different shapes and sizes.

Some of our Clients:

Create positive customer experiences with Customer Experience Management

This is the only way to turn customers into loyal customers. And with these you set the course for long-term and organic growth of your company (intrinsic growth). If it is possible to obtain more customers, i. e. increase the retention rate, the effects on earnings are usually disproportionally positive.
When customers are satisfied with your company and its products or services, they have no reason to look for an alternate supplier. They will become loyal customers who buy more, have a larger "share of wallet" and will cause lower service costs. Be smart and reduce your customer churn, thus ensuring organic annual growth.


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